Joy with her horse Max

ComfortStall® Stable Supply Company was born out of Joy's need to save her horse, Max, from bed sores. Even with 8 - 10 inches of shavings wall-to-wall in his stall, Max would find a way to move the bedding, exposing his hocks, hips, and front fetlocks to the abrasive hard rubber mats beneath him. As his hind feet could not get traction on the unyielding surface, it would allow his hind end to scuffle which ultimately would burn the hide right off of his hocks. Just when she got the sore to heal, it would inevitably get scraped open again. Joy was beside herself and turned to her husband, David, the owner of a large commercial construction company, Koch Construction , in the San Francisco North Bay to brainstorm a solution.

Joy left no stone unturned in her quest to provide her horses with the most therapeutic, anti-fatigue flooring system possible. Using Köch Construction relationships, over 100 manufacturers around the globe were contacted and Joy's office quickly filled with sample upon sample. Most rubber mats tested 3 - 5 % softer than concrete! Ultimately the decision was made to rethink the entire concept of equine flooring and think outside what has always been literally been, "the box". Specialists were hired and a Precision Foam was manufactured to Joy and David's specifications allowing for our stalled horses to feel as if they were walking on springy irrigated pasture.....in their stall

About Comfortstall Stable Supply Company and Joy Koch Owner