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SmartBricks™ Rubber Tile Surfacing

Q. Does it get hot?
A. The tiles do retain heat, however, the surface design allows for airflow movement, which in turn cools the tile.

Q. How is it to remove snow?
A. By using a plastic or aluminum shovel, snow removal is comparable to any other surface. These tiles do not require salt for ice removal, as the rubber will attract and absorb sunlight, thus allowing snow to melt quicker.

Q. Will the tiles crack due to changes in climate?
A. The tiles are manufactured from rubber, thus are flexible, and can withstand climate changes, and volatile weather patterns, ie. frost, heat, etc.

Q. Will the tiles fade?
A. The tiles are manufactured using UV stable ingredients, therefore minimal fading will occur over extended periods of time.

Q. Do the tiles smell?
A. The tiles will have a faint scent just like everything has its own scent. The best testimonial we can provide is the experience we have had with more than one person who were allergic to rubber based materials and had no problem being in an enclosed room with our tiles for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Q. How do you cut the tiles?
A. Tiles are simply cut using blade knives, table saws, jigsaws, and other simple carpentry tools. No specialized equipment is required.

Q. What is the lifespan of a tile?
A. Due to accelerated testing wear, it is estimated the tiles will last in excess of 20+ years, dependant on volume of traffic.

Q. Can the tiles be used around a fire pit?
A. Yes, the tiles are an excellent application around fire pits. The compression of the tile allows the tile to be fire retardant. It is recommend that 18 inches of loose or crushed rock be in between the fire pit, and the tile, to dissipate extreme heat.

Q. Do pool or hot tub chemicals harm the tile?
A. No. The tile is inert to ordinary pool or hot tub chemicals. Extensive testing has proven no adverse effects on the tiles. Please contact local Dealer or our Customer Service Department to verify unusual cleaning applications.

Q. What type of warranty comes with a tile?
A. All SmartBricks™ products manufactured and distributed through Champagne Edition Inc. are warranted for a period of three years against manufacturer’s defect.

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