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ComfortStall Equine Flooring System
  ComfortStall® Equine Flooring System

ComfortStall® is a veterinarian endorsed therapeutic anti-fatigue flooring system. Padded, seamless and sealed to the walls, it greatly improves your horses' comfort and reduces your barn maintenance costs. It is the 21st Century antidote to the old rubber mat.

SmartBricks Square Yard Tiles
  SmartBricks™ Rubber Tile Surfacing

Our line of rubber bricks, square-yard tiles, pavers and large format interlocking mats are beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly. SmartBricks(tm) has been widely used worldwide in equine applications for over 12 years. We invite you to consider SmartBricks(tm) as the remedy for slippery concrete aisle ways (glue down application) or to cover dirt pathways and aisles (in-ground applications over a compacted sand base).

Windsor - The All Weather HDPE Safety Fencing
  Windsor™ - The All Weather HDPE Safety Fencing

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors!

Windsor Fencing will NOT shatter, crack or split from impact in the cold, as the material is rated to –60° Fahrenheit. In addition, the HDPE construction is impermeable to acids found in animal wastes or chemicals typically used on the farm and are completely recyclable. This material produces a strong, durable, maintenance-free fence that keeps its original beauty for years.

EquiBase® Footing and Arena Foundation Mats

  EquiBase® Footing and Arena Foundation Mats

An EquiBase® Arena provides dressage horses confidence, spring and lightness with minimum effort; and jumping horses solid, consistent footing that allows them to execute quick turns at high speed and land with minimal concussion. Typhoon tested at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the EASI system has been used in Europe for decades.

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