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Revolutionary Stall Flooring is Answer to Bedtime Blues

ComfortStall® Stable Supply Company is proud to announce a major technological breakthrough that will end the era of clumsy, unwieldy rubber stall mats. Rather than the old-fashioned, hard matting of the past, ComfortStall® Anti-Fatigue Flooring System provides horses with a soft yet supportive surface similar to irrigated pasture. Yes, now every horse can enjoy a good night's sleep-and horse owners and stable managers can enjoy reduced costs in stall maintenance and bedding supplies!

Our equine ComfortStall® Anti-Fatigue System is comprised of two layers. First, there is the padding that cushions and insulates the horse from the native flooring of his stall. This engineered PE foam is a vet hospital approved, 1.5” closed cell, quality high-density foam – a true 21st Century innovation. Independent tests served proof of long-term durability. The ComfortStall’s padding layer has been in place commercially for over 6 years, and has performed above beyond all expectations. In our research phase, 8 years ago, we hired an independent lab that loaded a simulated horse leg and hoof with 400 lbs. They pounded over 100,000 impressions in the same spot, which resulted in minimal compaction. This is due to our lamination process performed to the precision padding (welding of two layers of padding which then prevents the padding from bottoming out even with 1,600 pound horses).

Next, is our Generation II, one-piece, waterproof “IronClad” TopCover. This is comprised of a 2-ply vulcanized rubber sheeting, which safeguards the padding from the horse. The IronClad is a five-layer rubber sheet with two layers of a rough, tough, tightly woven polyester/nylon fabric sandwiched between three layers of dense vulcanized rubber. IronClad can be customized to fit ANY size stall. IronClad top covers will give you 15-20 years of use—but if they should begin to wear down, they can simply be flipped over for continued use with a pristine surface. IronClad can be outfitted to cover ANY SIZE stall!

Ever since we developed and launched our Generation II IronClad Topcover in November of 2007, we have had steady stream of IronClad customers who, without exception, are thrilled with the performance of this system. Some of these clients are private horse owners or boarding facilities, but some of them know a little more than average about therapeutic benefits—like the top equine veterinary hospitals at Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center.

The ComfortStall® Anti-Fatigue Flooring System is a premier product that can serve virtually all the needs of any large breeding farm, training facility or boarding stable, as well as veterinary clinics and equine surgical centers. Due to the energy-returning properties of the underlying foam layer, horses will enjoy the recuperative and restorative effects similar to walking and standing on lush turf. Competitive sport horses and horses in race training will have a chance to fully relax and unwind. Show horses won't suffer hock sores and scuffed coats. Horses maintained on pasture can continue experiencing the same sensation when the floors of their shelters or loafing sheds offer the ComfortStall® System. And horses undergoing rehab, lay-up and surgical recovery will be buoyed by the gently supportive closed-cell foam underlayer.

In the past, hard rubber stall mats were heralded as the answer to stall flooring woes. But they were prone to curl and shift, allowing urine to seep through to the subfloor, creating potential for bacterial growth and accumulation of ammonia odors. As a result, the old mats required periodic readjustments, power washing for sanitization and often a reconfiguration of the existing subfloor. Beyond the backbreaking hassle, the old rubber mats lacked any concussive reduction properties, requiring concerned horse owners and stable managers to bed heavily.

Fortunately, the ComfortStall® Anti-Fatigue Flooring System is not only easy to install and maintain, it also softens the squeeze on a barn's bedding budget. Because of its inherent cushioning effects, the need to bed heavily is obsolete. The only need for bedding is to absorb urine output. Soiled bedding is picked up easily from the non-porous surface layer. Unlike the old-style rubber mats where materials might weigh as much as 600 lbs. per stall without providing any concussive reduction, the entire triple-component ComfortStall® Anti-Fatigue Flooring System weighs only approximately 220 lbs. per stall.

With all these benefits, it's easy to understand why elite equestrians are embracing the New Age concept of the ComfortStall® Anti-Fatigue Flooring System. This superior system can be purchased directly or through various distributors.

The two layers of the ComfortStall® provide seamless, non-porous, non-slip, protection wall-to-wall in your horse's stall.

  • Hock sores are a thing of the past! The non-slip, non-abrasive surface allows your horse to get up without scuffling - his body weight sinks the hooves down, giving him the "purchase" to rise with ease.
  • The therapeutic properties support the horse's joints, tendons and ligaments, which can significantly reduce fluid accumulation.
  • ComfortStall® gives the horse the sensation of walking on irrigated pasture - our surface "springs" back with each step your horse takes.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance, bedding, labor, and manure removal help you recoup the initial investment within 6-12 months. Bedding for comfort is made obsolete - use enough bedding for urine absorption.
  • Once installed the ComfortStall® stays put! Imagine how nice it would be to never correct a shifted heavy mat again, or strain to remove 4- 6 mats @ 100 lbs. each to clean the urine and bacteria build-up underneath.
  • Seamlessly accommodate virtually any size stall.
  • Your barn's air quality is greatly improved because the one-piece top cover allows no harmful urine and bacteria accumulation.

    Ammonia is the Enemy

    The Horse article by Dr. Karen Hayes, DVM

    Did you know that most horses live over a Petri dish?

    Eliminate urine escape routes Stall mat seams and gaps create the perfect place for urine to disappear, then its out of sight, out of mind--at least until the ammonia starts to rise up from the depths of the stall. Wood floors soak in moisture, including urine, and a dirt or clay floor can become saturated. Same goes for stall drains, which Hayes points out "don't flush." Once urine is trapped under traditional 4’x6’ mats, the flooring material, or in the drain, urine pools and your own Petri dish starts growing right under your horse's nose.

    A SmartStall™ is a padded, sealed ComfortStall®

    The best solution for controlling ammonia, says Dr. Hayes, is to eliminate all areas where urine collects. She suggests investing in seamless flooring so urine can't penetrate or pool under them. These mats also form a solid seal around the edges of the stall and keep urine on the surface. The mats also pay off in the long run because they provide cushioning for the horse's legs and actually require less bedding material than traditional mats or dirt or wood floors.

    Click Here to read the full article.

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