Testimonials and Endorsements

Who's Using ComfortStall Superior Equine Products?

The Stanford University Equestrian Facility recently remodeled both the historic Red Barn and the Main barn with 60 ComfortStalls and 15,000 square feet of SmartFarm Rubber Safety Bricks.

Other Facilities Include:

Annwyn Equestrian Center, Tampa FL
Cornell University Vet Hospital ? Anesthesia Dept.
University of Illinois Veterinary Hospital
Owners of Chronicle of the Horse, The Plains, VA
Dick Randall?s Lost Trail Ranch, Ione CA
Debbie McDonald's Personal Training Facility, Sun Valley ID
Aspen Equine Clinic, Windsor CA
Red Rock Hounds, Reno NV

Here's What are Satisfied Clients are Saying...

"Nothing but the best for Brentina, Safety & Comfort come first!! We love our ComfortStall® products."

Debbie McDonald & Brentina, Bronze Medalists, 2004 Athens Olympics

Dear Joy! I LOVE THOSE COMFORT STALLS! So does my "best arabian halter mare of 2004." She lays down on them and
sleeps like a princess.

Leonard Cain, Ft.Myers.

"After examining over two dozen flooring systems, ComfortStall was among the three I chose as clear winners. I have featured it in How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper (book two in the Perfect Stall series) as a deserving member of my top three choices for equine flooring."

Dr. Karen Hayes, veterinarian, speaker, and award winning author of seven horse care books as well as hundreds of magazine articles.


"I believe that the ComfortStall® Flooring System has significantly improved the well being of my horses. My barn of foxhunters and show-jumpers work very hard in their athletic careers. They have plenty of turn-out in their management, but all spend 12 hours daily in their stalls. Walking on the ComfortStall® myself makes it obvious that the horses experience less concussion while moving around their stalls and greater comfort when lying down. My grooms have even installed the ComfortStall® in the tack room to stand on when cleaning tack!"

Lynn Lloyd, MFH
Red Rock Hounds - Reno, NV


"In my 30 years of practice, the ComfortStall® is by far the best stall flooring system"

Dr. Richard Perce, DVM

"Our three stallions' feet have improved dramatically, thanks to the therapeutic effects of the ComfortStall®. Every horse deserves a ComfortStall®."

Mrs. Kim Bronson

"We love our ComfortStall®."

Clarke Ohrstrom, Owner, Chronicle of the Horse.

“We just love our ComfortStall® stalls. I don’t know where to begin.

We just acquired a stallion who was never allowed inside. We were told he would wreck any stall he was in. He now asks to come in and waits at the gate for his turn. He loves the stall. He’s clean and neat. He’s nothing like how he was described.

Our other horses just love the stalls. You can see them relax when they step into the stall. The babies lie down pretty quickly. One of them got upset when her mother wouldn’t go in. The baby was angry that it had to go out and stay with Mom. She even tried to kick her Mom.

Jon, my Shire, goes straight to his stall. The best part is he now waits until he’s outside to urinate.

As for stall cleaning, it’s a minor chore. On a good day we can can do a stall in 90 seconds. Cleaning all 11 stalls (5 are mare and foal, 1 is a TB, 3 Irish Draughts, and 2 big drafts (shire and Percheron) takes anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on how long the horses were in the day before (most was 8 hours) and if I have to add shavings or not. (Most days I don't). At most it takes 2 wheelbarrows to empty the stalls, and usually I only have to empty 1 load.

Cleaning the stalls is easier. I don’t have to dig out any wet areas. I just clean up the wet shavings. The tools of choice are a squeegee, and a shovel. I collect up the wet shavings and just shovel them into the wheelbarrow. I no longer have to worry about digging out the 'wet spot.'

If anyone has any questions or wants to see the stalls, please tell them to visit us. It's a great product and we just love it. More important, the horses seem to love it too."

Charles Yates
Westminster, MD

“I’m not given to falling for every product that comes along claiming miracle “cures” or extolling questionable virtues that actually are minimally useful at usually exorbitant expense. The ComfortStall® product, however, is durable, affordable and exceptionally beneficial in the ongoing effort of providing excellent care and management of our equine partners. I’ve been a horse owner and trainer for over 40 years and couldn’t recommend it more highly, ultimately because I believe that every horse should exist in comfort and well being while in our hands.”

Kaye Love
Owner of Fleet Apple, Team Silver, 1972 Olympics - Huntover Farm, Sebastopol, CA

Veterinarian Richard Perce and his wife, veterinary technician, Chari installed the ComfortStall® Flooring System in their new Equine Clinic.

“To sterilize a stall with rubber mats, I used to haul the mats out, hose them down, and leave them out to dry – a half day job! The ComfortStall® system is seamless and only takes half an hour to sterilize, and I don’t have the dried urine and manure buildup that occurs under mats. We stabled a foundered horse on the ComfortStall®. He was a big gelding and was up and down a lot; he didn’t develop any pressure sores.”

Chari Perce
Aspen Equine Clinic - Windsor, CA

"My wonderful companion of 28 years began suffering from laminitis 4 years ago. Having the ComfortStall helped him tremendously. His first day on the ComfortStall he didnít look anywhere near as uncomfortable as he had in the stall next door. His rocking diminished and in comparison to his mother who also had Cushings and developed severe laminitis, he never developed any pressure sores. I know your product helped him. "

Susan Taylor

"Running a 20 stall facility has its moments, but the funniest is having to caution new hires that no, the horses are not sick and the vet is not needed. Why? The ComfortStall has turned our athletes into a bunch of flat-out nappers. Lying down and getting their rest. Most amazing is that within weeks of installation we no longer do standing wraps. The memory of the flooring is providing circulation to the feet and legs. "

Thad Carr

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